Well, as you already noticed we take bouldering really serious, and when I say serious I mean the consumption of cheap beer, awesome steaks, living in a hotel room, gambling cards for a slap and drinking schnaps out of a bottle. Thank god we landed in Petrohrad, where we ran against a feral pig and sometimes we crimped the shit out of our fingers, pressed rough slopers 'til our fingers were glowing red. Petrohrad is a wonderful area with tons of ridiculous boulders, but also a few hundred totally awesome lines - a few of them can you see in this movie.

Our first trip lead us to Felbertauern/Austria. It was hot, very hot. Even at an elevation of 1600 m. Well, this is not really about hard moving and crimping shit out of our fingers, but it is about having a good time, the atmosphere on climbing trips and being together with people you relate to.

Four Seasons Teaser II, exploring Hardkoralm

Just climbing on 4 trips with a bunch of nice people - sounds like anything familiar or common? Yes, indeed, just because we want you to enjoy your restday. We're looking forward to our first trip in august 2013.

Here it is. Our first teaser, check it out! It was kind of.....scary.


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